Aarathi Venkataraman is a designer, a commissioned portrait artist in pencil, conté, pastels and charcoal, as well as a painter using acrylic and oils. She has demonstrated her artistic and creative skills from when she was a child using empty toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes to create packaging. Now she uses computers to bring her artistic visions to the general public. Her art exhibits are displayed in various locations in the tri-state area.

She moved to New York with her family in 1988 and was a student in the Clarkstown School District, where her art abilities were nurtured and she was urged to continue art in her higher education and asked to create murals before she left. She attended SUNY Albany for two years concentrating on art and psychology, in pursuit of a career in art therapy.

After 2 years, she left school to help with the family business, and worked in sales, meeting heads of purchasing departments within the metro area urging them to buy commercial quantities of environmentally safe cleaning products. She was able to satisfy her social side and a passion to help the community, but there was something missing. She went back to finish her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at SUNY Purchase.

During this time she learned that she could finally make a living using her creativity through photography and graphic design. She was able to travel extensively throughout Europe and India taking numerous photographs of places, art and architecture that she had only studied through books. Aarathi realized in order to get ahead she needed to get a taste of the design world and looked through the yellow pages and started calling companies in the phone book asking if there were internships available. She was to come in to work as an intern and by the time she graduated, she was offered a full-time position as lead designer of XML-Journal.

Her career then led her through a pharmaceutical company creating FDA-compliant packaging for new drugs, and then to a soul-searching journey through Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Soon after she came back, Aarathi started her career in recruitment for creatives and marketers within the Westchester, Fairfield, Bergen and NYC metro area. A way to help other creatives have a voice, help get them to the next level of their career, and give back to the creative community in a different capacity.

She is currently freelancing and working as the VP of Creative Recruitment at a private executive search firm in Westchester.


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